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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of Aubie Soaps?
Any homemade soap will be a huge step up from commercially available bath bars because homemade soaps retain their naturally occurring glycerin. Glycerin is a moisturizing by-product of the soap-making process. Commercially available bath bars are low in this important ingredient because manufacturers routinely strip glycerin out to help increase shelf life. If you read their labels, you wont see the word soap anywhere. Technically, without the glycerin, the commercially sold bathing bars are considered to be detergent.

Aubie Soaps are made without preservatives, additives or potentially irritating extras. You could use Aubie Soaps on your hair, pets or clothes. Theyre not tested on animals although a little dog once ate a whole bar of Oatmeal Smoothie with no ill effects other than a temporary tummy ache. He’d eat more if wed let him.

What is sodium hydroxide?
Its lye. Lye naturally comes from wood ash, and its a critical ingredient. No lye = No soap. Once the lye is introduced into the oils, it starts a chemical reaction that bonds oils, water and lye into soap. This process, called saponification, creates a totally new product thats safe and natural.

Why does it take 4 weeks to make soap?
The lye, water and oil combination needs time to complete the saponification process. Most soaps are perfectly safe within 21 days, but an extra week is an added precaution. Please contact us for more information.

I have allergies to certain products. Is there an Aubie Soaps product for me?
Aubie Soaps makes a hypo-allergenic soap called Plain Jane by special order only. It doesn’t have any seed oils in it, just olive and/or soybean oils. No dyes, no scents, no preservatives. Please  contact us for more information.

I’m having a party and I’d like to use soap as a hostess gift. Can Aubie Soaps accommodate special orders?
Absolutely. Aubie Soaps is always willing to make custom soaps for party favors, wedding showers, baby showers, anniversary parties or any special event that requires something visually interesting as well as useful. Please  contact us  for a customized gift solution for your party.

Please note that if your event is coming up quickly, Aubie Soaps requires five (5) weeks advance notice – four (4) weeks to make and cure your customized soap, plus one (1) week to package and ship it to you.
Any other questions or requests, please  contact us .

Special Notes:

The humans at and around Aubie Soaps are the test subjects for all Aubie Soaps products. No humans have ever been injured while using Aubie Soaps.

  • We ask that you be sensible with our products: eyes, mouths and soap are never a good combination. Use with caution around small bodies including pets, children and older people with special sensitivities.
  • We ask that you be sensible with our packaging. Please reduce, reuse and recycle as much as you can.